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        Changzhou Jintan Ouya Chemical Co., Ltd.  is a comprehensive company engaged in producing and marketing various chemical materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates. The company is situated in Jintan Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province in Yangtze River delta economic zone, where enjoys abundant resources and convenient transportation.
        The company has established production base in Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park. Based on first-class production and testing equipment, we can assure our customers of high-quality products, competitive prices and excellent services. Ouya insists on the operation philosophy of integrity top, mutual benefit. For more than 30 years' effort, the company has established long-term cooperation relationships with several listed enterprises and multinational corporations.
        The company is capable of acting various chemical products for domestic and international clients. In future, we would like to cooperate with you based on new attitude and sincere service. We sincerely welcome new and existing customers at home and abroad to visit us and talk over business for common development.

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